On October 29th and 30th, UConn Chemistry held the first CT-JAPAN photochemistry workshop for high school students. The two-day workshop was held in conjunction with the visit of 5 high school students and 2 teachers of Matsuyama Minami High School from Ehime Prefecture, Japan. The total 50 high school students from Woodstock Academy attended the workshop. The workshop was organized by Prof. Tomoyasu Mani with the help from Prof. Fatma Selampinar and graduate assistants.

Group of high school students

The students from the two countries attended the lectures by Prof. Mani and afterwards jointly performed the experiments, learning new chemistry (photon upconversion on day 1 and charge-transfer absorption on day 2) and at the same time fostering friendship and cultural understanding. The agenda and the materials of the workshop (lecture slides and experiment procedures) are available online. The workshop was in part supported by the Department of Chemistry and Early College Experience. The trip of Matsuyama Minami High School was supported by the Japan Science and Technology through the Super Science High School program.