Author: Emily Borges

He Group Paper on Cover of Advanced Materials

A new paper entitled “Fluorochromic Hydrogels: Dynamic Coordination of Eu-Iminodiacetate to Control Fluorochromic Response of Polymer Hydrogels to Multistimuli” from He group is published in Advanced Materials as a cover story. Prof. Jie He and co-workers demonstrate the use of dynamic coordination of europium with iminodiacetates to construct hydrogel networks. This hydrogel presents controllable luminescence along with the sol-gel transition through the reversible formation and dissociation of metal-ligand complexes upon five different stimuli. Read more>>>

Epitope Resolved Detection of Peanut Specific IgE Antibodies by SPR Imaging

Min Shen, Amit A. Joshi, Raghu Vannam, Chandra K. Dixit, Robert G. Hamilton, Challa V. Kumar, James F. Rusling, Mark W. Peczuh*

Accurate characterization of antibodies (IgEs) in individuals exposed to allergens such as peanuts can provide insight into the clinical manifestation of an allergic reaction and also reveal how its fundamental immunobiology works. Measurement of IgEs to specific allergen epitopes in serum has been a major challenge. UConn Chemistry grad student Min Shen was the lead author on a recent paper in ChemBioChem reporting a new method that first captures IgEs from serum by using anti-IgE decorated magnetic nanoparticles, then measures IgEs binding to specific epitopes from allergen proteins using arrayed SPR imaging. The new technique was used to catalog anti-peanut IgEs in a set of patient samples and showed excellent correlation with clinical diagnostics. The cover art was prepared by Ella Maru studios.

Lambda Vision’s Quest to Cure Blindness Set to Launch Into Orbit

Human beings have been aboard the International Space Station continuously now for over 17 years. Crews spend months orbiting the Earth, privy to some of the most breathtaking views in the universe. But what exactly are they working on while hurtling through space? A few months from now the answer to that question will be provided by LambdaVision, a Farmington company and product of UConn Chemistry that has developed a retinal implant to restore vision to those afflicted with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinitis pigmentosa (RP). Read more>>>

Professor Kumar Wins Provost Award

Professor Challa Kumar’s proposal to The Provost’s General Education Course Enhancement Grant Competition entitled “Science Writing: Portable, adoptable and comprehensive writing course for various science departments” has been selected for funding. The proposal offered an explicit fit to the competition objectives and had multiple innovative elements, including flipped classroom exercises in which videos were combined with assignments, and assessment that involved an oral presentation, a poster, and a multimedia e-book. The course also included a substantial research component. Professor Kumar was awarded $7416 for the 2018 Fiscal Year.

Graduate Student Awarded Fellowship

Svetlana Gelpi (Gascon Group) was awarded the GEM Fellowship sponsored by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This fellowship awards students the following: $16,000 stipend in the first academic year of the GEM Fellowship; GEM Member University provides a living stipend up to the 5th year of PhD program; a minimum of one paid summer internship with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; full tuition and fees at a GEM University Member.

Gelpi will be working under the supervision of Dr. Felice Lightstone and Dr. Brian Bennion (from the Biochemical and Biophysical Systems Group at Lawrence Livermore) in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline on a project to further automate Computer Aided Drug Design and Discovery.