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Controlling the Active Sites of Sulfur-Doped Carbon Nanotube-Graphene Nanolobes for Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution and Reduction Catalysis

9ba6a017-3f09-4275-8285-4f826a7084efThis paper published in Advanced Energy Materials by members of Dr. Steven Suib’s group has been recognized as the most accessed paper in March 2016 among other papers published in Advanced Energy Materials journal. The lead author of the paper is Abdelhamid El-Sawy (Suib Group).

Suib Group Featured On Materials Views Cover

materials views cover suibResearch conducted by the Suib Group is now featured as the cover of Material Views’ “Best of Advanced Energy Materials” feature.

The cover highlights Suib Group research regarding “Controlling the Active Sites of Sulfur-Doped Carbon Nanotube–Graphene Nanolobes for Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution and Reduction Catalysis.” Collaborators include: Abdelhamid M. El-Sawy, Islam M. Mosa, Dong Su, Curtis J. Guild, Syed Khalid, Raymond Joesten, James F. Rusling, and Steven L. Suib.

Cover Summary: “A sequential two-step strategy is developed by Steven L. Suib and co-workers, in article number 1501966, to dope sulfur into carbon nanotube–graphene nanolobes (S,S’-CNT1000°C) to control the active-sites of metal-free catalysts. This strategy enhanced the oxygen evolution reaction better than state-of-art catalysts. This allows the S,S’-CNT1000°C to be a potential-candidate for next-generation metal-free regenerative-fuel cells. Workers in the cover image are doping carbon-nanotubes with sulfur that creates active-sites (raw materials) for the oxygen factory.”


Dr. Jing Zhao Recognized for Outstanding CAREER



Dr. Jing Zhao, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and IMS associated faculty member, is the recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award. This honor recognized Dr. Zhao’s leading example in conducting outstanding research, guiding in education, and the integration of both research and education. Providing funds of $675,000 over the span of five years, the award will support her research project, Synthetically Controlled Plasmon-Multiexciton Interaction in Semiconductor-Metal Hybrid Nanostructures. She is one of four CLAS assistant professors to receive the award this year.

In building her own education, Dr. Zhao attended the University of Science and Technology of China. After earning her Bachelor of Science Degree, she went on to earn her Ph.D. from Northwestern University and completed her Postdoctoral fellowship at MIT. Her research aims to distinguish optical and structural properties of nanoparticles and to recognize the interaction between materials at the single particle level. Continue reading

Aneesa Bey Receives UConn Rising Star Award

aneesaProgram Assistant Aneesa Bey, received the 2016 UConn Rising Star Award! The Rising Star Award is “given to a UConn staff member who has contributed significantly to his/her department and University community with enthusiasm, strong work ethic, superior leadership, and reliability. This person has enhanced the UConn brand through their ideas and actions.”

Aneesa was recognized during a campus-wide UConn Spirit Awards ceremony held on Tuesday, March 8th.

What Chemists Do

kumarDr. Challa V. Kumar’s research focuses on biological materials, materials that are both functional and biogradable. In this ACS “What Chemists Do” video profile, Dr. Kumar discusses the properties of a light-harvesting antenna that is more efficient than existing solar cell panels. Video>>>