Beyond the Graduate Degree

As a subject, the study of chemistry brings together rigorous analytical thinking like few other fields do. Chemistry graduates go on to careers in academia, industry, research, medicine, and/or post-doctoral positions. The University of Connecticut and the American Chemical Society offer many resources for career exploration and development.

American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society offers "College to Career: Getting a Job in Chemistry." Find a list of possible chemistry careers, chemist profiles, and the "next steps" for students pursuing a career in Chemistry.

UConn Center for Career Development

Visit the UConn Center for Career Development (CCD) for career assistance. CCD staff assist with resume review, mock interviews, and the search process. The CCD also hosts career-related events such as networking opportunities, seminars, alumni panels, and career fairs.

Career Opportunities

Search aftercollege for job and internship listings within the field of Chemistry.