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The Biological Chemistry groups in the department use the principles of chemistry to develop a deeper understanding of biological processes. Their research covers (among others) the investigation of the mechanism of mutagenesis and repair of DNA damage derived from gamma radiation, oxidation, and environmental pollutants; the synthesis of bioactive small molecules that affect cell migration, the study of the molecular mechanism of action of antimigratory compounds and protein-small molecule interactions; the modulation of protein-carbohydrate interactions; and the development of biomarkers for early cancer detection.

Graduate courses in the division include CHEM 5360 (Biological Chemistry I) and CHEM 5361 (Biological Chemistry II). Students also take additional courses related to their research project. Other courses are available through the other divisions within the Chemistry Department as well as the Pharmacy and Molecular & Cell Biology Departments.

Associated Faculty

Alexander Aksenov

Alexander Aksenov

Assistant Professor

(860) 486-6722

CHEM A-421

Angeles Boza

Alfredo Angeles-Boza

Associate Professor

(860) 486-6718

CHEM A-312


Ashis Basu


(860) 486-3965

CHEM A-414

Dan Fabris

Dan Fabris

Harold S. Schwenk Sr. Distinguished Chair in Chemistry

(860) 486-2881

CHEM A-416


Jose Gascon


(860) 486-0591

CHEM A-411

Michael Kienzler

Michael Kienzler

Assistant Professor

(860) 486-3216

CHEM A-418


Challa Kumar


(860) 486-3213

CHEM A-317


Mark Peczuh

Graduate Program Director

(860) 486-1605

CHEM A-316

Jessica Rouge

Jessica Rouge

Associate Professor

(860) 486-4784

CHEM A-417


James Rusling

Paul Krenicki Professor of Chemistry

(860) 486-4909

CHEM A-314


Xudong Yao

Associate Professor

(860) 486-6644

CHEM A-419