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Faculty members in the organic division are asking research questions that cover a variety of areas. Projects range from total synthesis of natural products and reaction methods development to chemical biology and med-chem to green and polymer chemistry. Students in the organic division often have the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary research; this may be via collaboration with another student or research group who are focused on an associated research question about the physical or biological properties of a given group of compounds or materials. Alternatively, students may themselves use compounds or materials that they have synthesized as tools to investigate a broader question about activity or properties. Training in organic chemistry develops expertise in the strategy and execution of synthesis and the characterization of the structure and properties of the new molecules/materials.

Graduate courses in the division include CHEM 5343 Organic Reactions, CHEM 5344 Concepts in Organic Chemistry, CHEM 5345 Determination of Organic Structures and 5347 Organic Synthesis. Students will also take additional courses related to their research project. Course are available through the other divisions within chemistry as well as the Engineering, Pharmacy, Physics and Molecular Biology Departments.

Associated Faculty


Christian Brückner

Department Head

CHEM A-116/A-403


Amy Howell


CHEM A-315


Nicholas Leadbeater

Undergraduate Program Director
Associate Professor

CHEM A-310


Mark Peczuh

Associate Department Head

CHEM A-316


Eugene Pinkhassik

Associate Professor

CHEM A-412

Gael Ung

Gaël Ung

Assistant Professor

CHEM A-308