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About Polymer Chemistry

The Polymer Division of the Chemistry Department at the University of Connecticut focuses on the physical and synthetic investigations of macromolecules. By its nature, polymer chemistry is a very interdisciplinary field. Research can range from fundamental investigations of chain dynamics to commercially relevant applications in the plastics industry. Students are able to utilize state of the art instrumentation located in both the Chemistry Department as well as in the Institute of Materials Science. Depending on the questions being explored, students may learn advanced synthesis techniques or physical techniques utilizing a broad array of cutting edge instrumentation.

Research interests of the affiliated faculty include: ionic and radical polymer synthesis, liquid crystals and shape memory materials, self-assembled structures such as vesicles and tubes, electrochromic polymers, fluorinated polymers, carbon nanotubes and graphene sheets, polymers grafted to surfaces, polymer characterization by microscopy and scattering techniques, and biomimetic materials.

Courses taught by the division include CHEM 5380 Polymer Synthesis, CHEM 5381 Polymer Physical Chemistry, CHEM 5382 and 5383 Polymer Characterization I and II, and CHEM 5385 Reactions of Polymers. Other polymer related courses are available through Chemical Engineering, Physics and Molecular Biology.

Associated Faculty