Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

We have a Nanosurf NaioAFM spectrometer capable of both static and dynamic mode measurements of features larger than 1 micron. The instrument is small and portable so it can be used for demonstrations. All potential users should contact Dr. Quardokus (CHEM A-410) for training.


Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR or ESR)

We have a Bruker EMX_nano spectrometer for EPR measurements. The EMX_nano is capable of measuring room temperature samples using X-band microwaves. The maximum sensitivity of the instrument is 1 pico-molar of radicals. Sensitivity is much less for broad signals, such as transition metals. Samples that are powders or solutions in non-polar solvents work best but samples dissolved in polar solvents can be used if concentrations high enough. All Potential users should contact Dr. Cady (CHEM A-405) for training.


X-Ray Powder Diffraction (PXRD)

Bruker D2 Phaser 2nd generation equipped with 6-sample auto-changer. The instrument is capable of collecting a powder diffraction pattern in 15-20 minutes. High-resolution, publication quality figures can be generated by running samples for longer times. The instrument is mounted on a wheeled cart so that it can be moved to a lab or lecture room for demonstration or use in class. All potential users should contact Dr. Cady (CHEM A-405) for training.

Electrochemistry Potentiostat

The Undergraduate instrument center has 4 CH instruments 300E potentiostats.  These instruments are ideal for basic electrochemistry such as cyclic voltammetry.  Aqueous Ag/AgCl reference electrodes and glassy carbon electrodes are currently available for use with the instruments.  When not in use for teaching these instruments can be checked out for research use.  Potential users should contact Dr. Cady (CHEM A-405) for training.

Undergraduate Instrument Center News

For more news about the Undergraduate Instrument Center, please see our Introduction to the Undergraduate Instrument Center.