In addition to tutoring available through the library's Q Center, the UConn Chemistry Department supports various additional tutoring options.

TA Tutoring Room

Students seeking additional academic support in CHEM 1122, 1124Q, 1126Q, 1127Q, 1128Q, or 2241 can find Teaching Assistants on duty in CHEM A-301 weekdays, 9:00AM - 5:00PM. This service is free to all chemistry students at UConn.

Chemistry Club Tutoring

Members of UConn's Chemistry Club offer free tutoring every Wednesday at 6:00PM in CHEM A-102.

Private Tutors

Students seeking a private tutor can find a list of interested tutors through the Chemistry Department's Main Office (CHEM A-100). These tutors work as paid tutors, and all arrangements are made directly between the student and the prospective tutor.