This degree program is recommended for those students who seek a less rigorous experience in chemistry. The course requirements in both chemistry and biochemistry are fewer, and provide the student with the flexibility to explore other areas of study. A typical plan of study includes the courses below. Consult the full B.A. Final Plan of Study Form for more information.

Chemistry Courses

  • General Chemistry (1127Q and 1128Q)
  • Organic Chemistry (2443, 2444 and Laboratory 2445)
  • Physical Chemistry (3563, 3564 and Laboratory 3565W)
  • Analytical Chemistry (Quantitative 3332)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (3210, 3214)

Non-Chemistry Courses

  • Math [Calculus I (1131Q) and Calculus II (1132Q)]
  • Math [Multivariable Analysis (2110Q) and Differential Equations (2410Q)]
  • Physics (PHYS 1401, 1402)