Programs of Study

Programs in the Department of Chemistry may lead to either a Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree.

In addition, the American Chemical Society (ACS) certifies two more rigorous Bachelor of Science options. The ACS Certified B.S. Degree option is composed of in-depth work in the traditional areas of chemistry including organic, inorganic, analytical and physical chemistries. The ACS Certified B.S. Degree in Environmental Chemistry option emphasizes in-depth cross-disciplinary work in environmental chemistry but includes a full complement of courses in the traditional areas of chemistry. Both of the ACS certified programs include undergraduate research.

Studies in Chemistry also may lead to a minor in chemistry or complement the curriculum of those seeking a post-graduate medical degree.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Chemistry majors also have the opportunity to participate in research at UConn. The Chemistry Department hosts nearly 115 undergraduate researchers in 27 research groups each year (many research labs in UConn Chemistry will accept students as soon as their freshman and sophomore years).

Careers in Chemistry

Chemistry graduates go on to careers in academia, industry, research, medicine, and/or post-graduate studies.