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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry

Organized structures of flavin mononucleotides wrapped around various carbon nanotubes (Papadim and Gascon labs).
Effects of APG conformations on primer extension beyond APG lesion. Research from the Basu Group.
Multi-step organic synthesis can be performed using continuous-flow processing (Leadbeater Group).
Courses cover all modern areas of Chemistry, leading to rigorous ACS certified B.S. degrees in Chemistry.
The pol iota-APG ternary complexes with zoomed-in replicating base pairs (a & c) APG-dCTP and (b & d) APG-dATP.
Unusual oxetanes as templates for a broad range of biologically interesting molecules (Howell Group).
Complex of CD1d/SMC124/iNK TCR. SMC124 potently activates immunomodulatory iNKT cells (Howell Group).
Chemistry students use advanced facilities and cutting edge technology to advance their education.
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