Scholarships and Funding

Each year, the Chemistry Department offers awards and scholarships to undergraduate students majoring in chemistry. These are awarded based on academic merit and financial need.

For a full list of award and scholarship opportunities with descriptions, eligibility requirements, and qualifications, please see below.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Each spring semester, the Chemistry Department Advising Team will invite students to submit applications for eligible scholarships.

ACS-Hach Land Grant Scholarship

In order to promote chemical education, the Hach Scientific Foundation created the ACS-Hach Land Grant Undergraduate Scholarship for undergraduate chemistry majors who express an interest in teaching high school chemistry. 

This scholarship is for those who plan to become a high school chemistry teacher after graduation.

Catherine Isabella DeStefano Rossi Scholarship

The Cartherine Isabella DeStafano Rossi Scholarship is awarded to chemistry majors entering their junior or senior year and is based on scholarship and financial need. Priority consideration is given to high school graduates of the West Morris, New Jersey School District.

Catherine Rossi was a graduate student at the University of Connecticut. She became ill and passed away during her graduate studies. This scholarship was established in her name.

Glen Irani M.D. Award

The Glenn Irani M.D. Award is given to a rising Junior undergraduate Chemistry Major who is planning to go to medical school after graduation. This award has been made available by the generosity of the Irani Foundation.

William R. Granquist, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The William R. Granquist, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior chemistry major. Eligibility for this scholarship is based on scholarship, financial need, and extracurricular activities.

William R. Granquist, Jr., a chemistry major and UConn graduate (1983), died in an explosion at the Ensign-Bickford Co. on August 16, 1984. His parents, many of his friends, and the Ensign-Bickford Co. have established a scholarship fund in his memory.

Looking for more scholarship and fellowship opportunities?

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) offers scholarships and fellowships annually that consider merit and financial need. A full list of scholarship and fellowship opportunities with descriptions, eligibility requirements, and qualifications can be found on their website.

CLAS Scholarships

Student Financial Information

The Office of Student Financial Aid Services also offers additional scholarship and fellowship opportunities, as well as helpful links about financial literacy and student consumer information.

Student Financial Aid Services