About UConn Chemistry

We strive to conduct and communicate creative work in chemical disciplines, to provide education at undergraduate and graduate levels, and to develop innovative research and educational methods in an inclusive environment.

Our Priorities

Successful Students

Undergraduate and graduate students engage in coursework and research that prepares them for careers in fields such as academia, industry, medicine, and government. Students expand learning outside the classroom through collaborative research, internships, and study abroad opportunities.
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Distinguished Faculty

Our distinguished faculty serve as the foundation of the Department of Chemistry. Chemistry faculty are leaders in the fields of teaching and research. The Department has over 30 faculty members that engage in active research programs. Faculty members participate in wide-ranging collaborations extending throughout the world, including: the National Institutes of Health, major industrial companies, and U.S. and international universities and research institutes.

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Impactful Alumni

Upon graduation, our alumni impact the field of chemistry through teaching, research, and the application of scientific principles. Our global community of alumni works to provide new insights for the next generation of chemists and scholars. Alumni remain connected to the Department as career mentors, participants in special events, and supporters of important Department initiatives.
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Ground-Breaking Research

Faculty and students participate in active research programs encompassing modern aspects of analytical, biological, environmental, inorganic, organic, physical, and polymer chemistry. Our faculty and student research drives innovation both domestically and internationally, focusing on topics such as biological and biomedical problems, nanomaterials, and clean energy.
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Community Engagement

The Chemistry Department has a strong history of service and outreach. Through community engagement, we strive to make chemistry engaging and accessible for all. Our programs educate and inspire through interactive demonstrations, community events, and national research opportunities.
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