Curtis GuildIn a recent podcast with OnePointe Solutions, Curtis Guild ’17 Ph.D. describes his journey in inorganic and analytical chemistry.

Originally an undergraduate English major, Curtis became passionate about chemistry when he was offered a research opportunity during his sophomore year.

Choosing between industry and graduate school, Curtis credits an undergraduate mentor with recommending graduate school. Ultimately, Curtis chose UConn’s graduate program based on a tour that led to “some really great conversations with professors, with different program directions, and a lot of promise and growth.”

At UConn, Curtis became a member of the Suib Research Group. There, he developed a particular technical expertise with equipment, such as spectrometers and X-Ray equipment. Curtis believes that understanding how to utilize and leverage the proper research equipment has been one of the most valuable career development experiences he has had thus far.

During his years at UConn, Curtis also became involved in outreach efforts to get youth more involved in science. Curtis credits his experience as a volunteer for the Connecticut Middle School Science Bowl as “arguably the most fun that [he] has ever had in terms of [his] science journey so far.” Curtis believes in the value of making science fun for the next generation of scientists.

To promote personal and career development, Curtis encourages the use of professional social media—such as LinkedIn—to network and share expertise with others.

Curtis is currently a Contract Analytical Scientist at Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences) and Founder of Centaur Technologies.

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