Support the Chemistry Department Today!

The University of Connecticut Department of Chemistry promotes high quality teaching, collaborative learning, and research programs that encompass modern aspects of analytical, biological, environmental, inorganic, organic, physical, and polymer chemistry.

Your support will provide critical resources for UConn students and faculty to focus on topics on the forefront of modern innovation, such as biological and biomedical problems, nanomaterials, and clean energy solutions. Your gift may also support undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, and special activities such as seminars and lectures. Private support provides an edge for excellence.

A gift to the Chemistry Department may be made in honor of a faculty member or friend. A gift may support an existing scholarship or fund, create a new fund for current needs, or support programs into the future.

The following UConn Foundation accounts help supplement the activities and opportunities that are a vital part of the UConn Chemistry experience. We hope that you will assist us by contributing to the program that best represents your hopes for the future of the department.

Chemistry Department Unrestricted Fund

This account is used to assist the Department in everything from maintaining supplies to making it possible for us to invite top-level scientists into the department.

Chemistry Undergraduate Development Fund

This account will be used to enrich and expand the Department of Chemistry undergraduate program, from equipment and instrumentation, to making it possible for talented students to present their work at meetings, to scholarships.

Alumni Graduate Student Development Fund

This account will be used to enrich and expand the Department of Chemistry graduate program, from helping us to attract the best quality graduate students, to summer support, to helping expand the research possibilities for talented students.

Emeriti Fund for Undergraduate Chemistry Research

This account is used to fund internships for freshman and sophomores participating in the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP). This offers a unique research opportunity for students just beginning their scientific career path.