Sergey Dergunov

Assistant Research Professor


  • Assistant Research Professor: Saint Louis University, USA, 2011-2014
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: The University of Memphis, USA, 2007-2011
  • Ph.D.: Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, 2006
  • Dipl. Chem. Eng.: Kazakh National State University, Kazakhstan, 2001

Research Interests

Development of functional materials as a platform and then applying them to various fields. Exploring new functional materials, such as by studying the physical and chemical properties of such functional materials in solution and on a two/three-dimensional surface. The aim of my research is: (a) synthesis of polymers and surfactants; (b) self-assembly of well-defined hierarchical structures in the both solution and on two/three-dimensional surfaces to understand and control novel properties of self-assembled nanomaterials; (c) develop new transition metal-catalyzed methods that address challenging problems in organic synthesis. A major theme in these efforts is the pursuit of ideality in the synthesis of target molecules for medicinal, industrial, or materials applications.

Sergey Dergunov
Contact Information
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Mailing AddressUniversity of Connecticut
Department of Chemistry
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Office LocationCHEM R-412
CampusStorrs Campus