Dr. Angeles-Boza with Dr. Johannes Barth and Dr. Julien Bachmann
Left to rights: Dr. Johannes Barth (University of Erlangen), Dr. Julient Bachmann (University of Erlangen), and Dr. Alfredo Angeles-Boza (University of Connecticut)

Alfredo Angeles-Boza is featured in a Nature Research: Chemistry Community article for his recent work with energy storage and kinetic isotope effects that contributed to a publication in Nature Communications.

"Interdisciplinary work can be frustrating - scientists in related, yet distinct, fields often have distinct educational backgrounds and may consider different aspects of a given research problem as important. Moreover, they often use different languages, which impedes efficient communication. Despite these caveats, I have long enjoyed the exchange of ideas and methods with specialists of sciences related to chemistry and worked with physicists, biologists, material scientists, and engineers. Discovering novel and unexpected opportunities offered by the combination of various methods is a satisfaction reserved to someone willing to work in interdisciplinary collaborations..." -Julien Bachmann, Professor, University of Erlangen

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