Research News

Pushing Boundaries of RNA Modifications

Dr. Dan Fabris, Harold S. Schwenk Sr. Distinguished Chair in Chemistry, is currently developing technologies for the detection and characterization of RNA. He is particularly focusing on investigating the role of RNA modifications in the relationship between drugs of abuse and HIV. Using 908 Devices, Fabris pushes boundaries within the field with capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry (CE-MS). […]

Tomo Mani Receives NSF CAREER Award

Professor Tomo Mani has been awarded an NSF CAREER Award from the CHE division entitled, “CAREER: Control of Intramolecular Long-Range Charge-Transfer Emission.” This project will develop strategies for producing and controlling intramolecular long-range radiative charge recombination [charge transfer (CT) emission] in the condensed phase. With this award, his group aims to provide a fundamental understanding […]

2021 Publication Highlights

From the novel DNA delivery system for the treatment of asthma to the straightforward means of introducing interactive, three-dimensional figures into PDFs, UConn researchers made significant breakthroughs in the field of chemistry in 2021. Xia, Y.; Song, Z.; Tan, Z.; Xue, T.; Wei, S.; Zhu, L.; Yang, Y.; Fu, H.; Jiang, Y.; Lin, Y.; Lu, […]

Chemistry Professors’ and Ph.D. Candidate’s Invention Selected to Compete in Wolff New Venture Competition

Did you know that the prescription you picked up at the pharmacy likely once contained a host of toxic materials that were used as a catalyst for its creation? Don’t panic. In the development process, the toxins are stripped from the medication, and the FDA has stringent guidelines ensuring its safety. But UConn chemistry professors […]

Four Chemistry Professors Awarded Research Funding From UConn Office of Vice President for Research

The UConn Office of the Vice President for Research established the START Preliminary Proof-of-Concept (PPOC) Fund through support from the CTNext Higher Education Fund. The program aims to support the preliminary validation of innovative early stage technologies from across all disciplines for early stage projects that may one day result in inventions and technologies that […]

Tiny Bubbles: Treating Asthma with Gene Silencing Nanocapsules

Steroid-based inhalers deliver life-saving medication for millions of asthma sufferers, providing relief and the ability to simply breathe. Unfortunately, inhalers do not work for all patients, and with rates on the rise for a disease that leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths world-wide each year, new asthma treatments and strategies are needed. A team of UConn researchers […]

The McNair Scholar Summer Program Supports Student Doing STEM Research

When Nichali Bogues ’22 (CLAS) graduates from UConn, his dream career is to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. So scientific research was on top of his priority list.   But the rising senior structural biology and biophysics major didn’t expect the McNair Scholars Program to give him so much insight into what his future career will be like.    “I would say it […]

Professors He and Rusling Receive NSF Grant

Chemistry professors Jie He and Jim Rusling have been awarded a 3-year $464,000 NSF grant from the CBET division entitled “SusChEM: C-H Bond Electroactivation of Nonpolar Organic Substrates in Water: Enzyme-Mediated Reaction Pathways in Microemulsions.” This project will explore new electrocatalyst materials for activating enzymes in films to synthesize high value chemicals using fluids called […]

Fulbright Distinguished Chair Award 2021-22

Professor Challa Vijaya Kumar of the Chemistry Department has won the Fulbright Distinguished Chair Award 2021-22 from the US State Department for his proposal on desalination by forward osmosis. He will conduct research in developing protein-based membranes for desalination by a revolutionary concept using state of the art methods. This is his fourth Fulbright award from […]

UConn Researchers Search for Scalable Carbon Capture Technology

Studying the promise of a technology that could help in the fight against climate change. Within the last month, everyone on Earth experienced something no human has experienced before – the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide exceeded 421 parts per million (ppm). To put this into perspective, pre-industrial revolution levels of CO2 were at about 280 ppm, and […]