Photo courtesy of Tomoyasu Mani

May 15th, UConn Chemistry offered a day-long workshop for high school chemistry teachers in Connecticut. The workshop was coordinated by the Early College Experience Office, Dr. Fatma Selampinar, and Dr. Tomoyasu Mani. Dr. Mani, with help from graduate assistants Jason Buck (Mani Lab), and Jingwen Ding and Megan Puglia (Kumar Lab), organized the lecture and experiments. In the morning, the 23 Connecticut teachers attended a lecture on molecular photophysics and electron transfer theory, followed by hands-on experience on charge-transfer complexes. In the afternoon, teachers learned about photon upconversion followed by a demonstration in the lab. They were also taken on a tour of the laser laboratory in the Mani lab, where they observed state-of-the-art laser spectroscopies.