materials views cover suibResearch conducted by the Suib Group is now featured as the cover of Material Views’ “Best of Advanced Energy Materials” feature.

The cover highlights Suib Group research regarding “Controlling the Active Sites of Sulfur-Doped Carbon Nanotube–Graphene Nanolobes for Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution and Reduction Catalysis.” Collaborators include: Abdelhamid M. El-Sawy, Islam M. Mosa, Dong Su, Curtis J. Guild, Syed Khalid, Raymond Joesten, James F. Rusling, and Steven L. Suib.

Cover Summary: “A sequential two-step strategy is developed by Steven L. Suib and co-workers, in article number 1501966, to dope sulfur into carbon nanotube–graphene nanolobes (S,S’-CNT1000°C) to control the active-sites of metal-free catalysts. This strategy enhanced the oxygen evolution reaction better than state-of-art catalysts. This allows the S,S’-CNT1000°C to be a potential-candidate for next-generation metal-free regenerative-fuel cells. Workers in the cover image are doping carbon-nanotubes with sulfur that creates active-sites (raw materials) for the oxygen factory.”