International Space Station Research Aims to Treat Blindness

Internaltional Space Station Research Aims to Treat Blindness

On Tuesday, December 4th, a product of a UConn Chemistry start-up will be launching into space on the SpaceX CRS-16! With the support of a 2016 MassChallenge CASIS/Boeing Award, a retinal implant developed by LambdaVision will be the subject of research conducted by the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory. As the ISS orbits the Earth, the retinal implant will be studied to examine the effects of microgravity in layer-by-layer manufacturing.

LambdaVision is the produce of the research group of Dr.Robert Birdge (Harold S. Schwnek Sr. Distinguished Chair Emeritus; Founder of LambdaVision), Dr. Nicole Wagner (Assistant Research Professor; CEO), and Dr.  Jordan Greco (Assistant Research Professor; CSO)

VIDEO: Assistant Research Professors Nicole Wagner & Jordan Greco dicscuss the ISS U.S. National Laboratory Retinal Implant Project

VIDEO: Water the launch live on NASA TV