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Dr. Tomoyasu Mani receives 2016 Blavatnik Award

Tomoyasu ManiDr. Tomoyasu Mani is the recipient of a 2016 Blavatnik Regional Award for Young Scientists.

The Blavatnik Award honors outstanding postdoctoral scientists from institutions across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Three winners and six finalists are chosen from the fields of Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Physical Sciences and Engineering. Mani is being recognized for his “advances in the understanding of electron transport occurring in organic photovoltaics used in solar energy capture and conversion!”

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Meet the New Department Head


Department of Chemistry

Ph.D.: University of British Columbia, Canada
Office Location: Chemistry Building

What would you say are the Department of Chemistry’s areas of strength in your field?
We are agents of change. We transform matter on many scales, we monitor the change, and we strive to predict how these changes occur. In practical terms, we are a mid-sized department that is large enough to offer teaching and research that covers all the classic subfields of chemistry as well as their modern interdisciplinary permutations. But we are small enough so everyone knows everyone, making everyone feel at home. Importantly, we are a very young department, with a third of our faculty hired in the past 5 years. This has added tremendous strength and momentum and brought expertise to campus in contemporary fields that were not even heard of some years ago.

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New Faculty Projects Will Advance Academic Plan

Courtesy of UConn Today


The University is investing in a slate of new initiatives designed to enhance research and education, consistent with the goals outlined in its academic plan.

Over a three-year period, the 15 grants awarded this year will support $3 million in research across a wide variety of disciplines and departments – fine arts, human rights and diversity, health and wellness, sustainability and resilience, genomics and personalized medicine, and advanced materials and manufacturing. In some cases, the projects are leveraging the funding with grants from outside sources.

UConn launched its process to fund proposals under the Academic Vision almost three years ago, and to date has funded 18 projects totaling $10 million.

Mun Choi, University provost, said this year’s proposals for new projects were of exceptional quality, depth, and breadth. “These projects will support growth in research and scholarship, undergraduate education, graduate education, teaching effectiveness, and public engagement.” Continue reading

Dr. Douglas Adamson Among Outstanding Presenters at 250th ACS National Meeting

AdamsonThe American Chemical Society’s Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research journal recently published a special issue devoted to papers from authors who made outstanding presentations at the 250th ACS National Meeting in Boston. A paper from the Adamson Group titled “Properties of Pristine Graphene Composites Arising from the Mechanism of Graphene-Stabilized Emulsion Formation” was included. Read more>>>>