Graduate News

Graduate Student Maggie Ward Awarded NSF-GRFP

Maggie Ward, a first-year doctoral student in inorganic chemistry, was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF-GRFP). She works in the lab of Assistant Professor J. Nathan Hohman, focusing on crystallography and working is to synthesize and characterize metal-organic chalcogenolates, a class of semiconducting nanomaterials. The lab has primarily synthesized and studied silver materials, but her focus is currently those made […]

Interactive Periodic Table Tells Stories, One Element at a Time

Department Chemistry Periodic Table Display | UConn  Christian Brückner started collecting more than 45 years ago when he was a young teenager in Germany and his father a metallurgist who’d bring home laboratory leftovers to feed his son’s growing interest in crystals and science. From an early 19th century bottle of a mercury salt to manganese […]

Workplace Navigators

A group of faculty and staff from STEM departments in CLAS have recently formed the Workplace Navigators group with the goal to provide a safe place where faculty, staff, post-doctoral associates, and graduate students can informally discuss academic and nonacademic concerns including administrative, workplace, and climate issues.  Together we will work to define the problem, […]

Students Sweep Tech Park’s First Annual Microscopy Art Contest

Often a new tool leads to a new discovery—and that’s as true for art as for science. UConn Tech Park showcases the relationship between tool and knowledge beautifully in its inaugural microscopy competition, which invited UConn researchers to submit images taken with Tech Park’s state-of-the-art equipment. “This competition is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our […]

Student Receives Honorable Mentions in International Metallographic Contest

The 2021 International Metallographic Contest (IMC) and Exhibit was held by the International Metallographic Society under ASM International. The primary goal of the contest is to advance the science of microstructural analysis by providing an opportunity for those interested in material properties and characterization to display their work in print and electronic formats and communicate […]

2021-2022 Chemistry Graduate Student Awards

Waring Award Chamathka Hansani Dehiwala Liyanage (Adv. Quardokus) Masterton Award Joseph Adewuyi (Adv. Ung) Adewole Atoyebi (Adv. Brueckner) Mariel Clores (Adv. X. Yao) Ina de la Fuente (Adv. Rouge) Keshani Hiniduma (Adv. Rusling) Jose “JJ” Intano (Adv. Howell) Mansi Malhotra (Adv. Kumar and Gascon) Scott Pierce (Adv. Angeles) Connecticut Chemistry Research Award Peter Kerns (Adv. […]

Graduate Student Receives CHAS Graduate Student Safety Leadership Award

Graduate student Cristian Aviles-Martin (Pinkhassik Group) is the recent co-recipient of the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety (DCHAS) Graduate Student Leadership Award. Cristian was part of the team of graduate students that were awarded this honor for the contributions towards laboratory safety at their respective institutions and for their work done in developing and facilitating the DCHAS workshop “Empowering Academic […]