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Teaching Chemistry in the Time of COVID-19: Memories and the Classroom

Teaching Chemistry RemotelyIn a recent Journal of Chemical Education article, Assistant Professor in Residence J. Dafhne Aguirre and Associate Professor in Residence Fatma Selampinar detail their experiences teaching general chemistry in the time of COVID-19. The publication compares the challenges, teaching strategies, laboratory methods, and discussion methods used by two different instructors teaching a three-semester chemistry course.

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Welcome to Fall 2020

A Message from the Department Head

Dear All,

Welcome to a new semester! The campus and building have come alive once again. We are welcoming new faculty and graduate students to the Department, we have awards and a retirement to celebrate, and we have a large group of students eagerly lining up for general or organic chemistry classes. Alas, this is not going to be a normal semester. Almost everything will be very different and difficult in ways that are predictable and unpredictable. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Lab Courses

A recent article in ACS Publications, from Prof. Kiet Tran, Prof. Anwar Beshir, and Prof. Abhay Vaze, demonstrates a comparison of the experiences of both organic and analytical lab faculty during the COVID-19 pandemic distance learning initiative is described here. Faculty of both lab courses experienced four shared challenges in the transition to the online format: (1) experimental implementation, (2) assessments and postlab activities, (3) technological inequalities, and (4) synchronization of student attendance.

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